MaintainApplication | Terms of Service

MaintainApplication currently offers five Google Sheets Add-Ons:

Add-On #1 "Reminders + Notifications for Forms | MaintainApp"
Add-On #2 "FormUp"
Add-On #3 "MAX | MAil eXtractor"
Add-On #4 "Sync Contacts"
Add-On #5 "GDrive Explorer"
In the following all Add-Ons are referred MaintainApplications.
These Terms and Services are valid for all Add-Ons.

MaintainApplications are free Google Sheets Add-on that helps you organize your routine tasks with the help of Google Forms, Google Sheets, Google Contacts, Google Drive.

Do NOT use MaintainApplications for important workflows! It can't be ensured, that the described functionality is working 100%, as e.g. the number of E-Mails, created contacts, available computation time, and so on... the MaintainApplication-AddOns and all your other installed Add-ons can generate per day is limited by the owner's available quota.


For example: NO Mail can be sent if the owner's daily email quota has been exceeded.

Your total computation time per day is limited by google as well (see quotas). When other installed Add-Ons need a lot of computation time, or you submit too many MaintainApplication forms, the MaintainApplication functionality is not given and you don´t receive E-Mails from the MaintainApplications Add-On --> Do NOT use the MaintainApplications AddOns for important workflows!

The maximum amount of MaintainApp forms/sheets possible is 10. This is a google quota.

The maximum amount of FormUp forms/sheets, MAX sheets, GDrive Explorer sheets, Sync Contacts sheets is unlimited. Though maximum amount of trigger is 20, which might be a limit, based on your usage.

Collaborators using these add-ons on the same sheet will be able to adjust the settings sheet (in case you granted access), but will not be able to startup the AddOns.

Exclusion of Warranties

MaintainApplication does NOT make any warranty of any kind.

Especially MaintainApplication does NOT warrant that the services will be error-free or operate without interruptions or downtime.

Exclusion of Liability

MaintainApplication can NOT made liable to the user of the MaintainApplication for any lost profits, revenues or data, business interruption, depletion of goodwill, cover any damages arising out of the use of the MaintainApplication .

MaintainApplication will NOT be liable for any loss or damage which may be incurred by you as a result of ANY CHANGES which MaintainApplication may make to the MaintainApplication Add-on.

Changes to the "Terms of Service"

MaintainApplication may make changes to the Terms of Service from time to time WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICING you.

You are advised to review this Privacy Policy periodically for any changes. Changes to this Terms of Service are effective when they are posted on this page.

Legal domicile: Switzerland

By using the MaintainApp, you agree to the these terms and conditions.