Error Reporting

In order to report errors to different persons, based on the department of the machine the error happened, you'd set up a Google Form like the following:

In order to ensure that the basic information is reported, question <Please select the Department> and <Please describe the error> is made required. The unrequired information will also be sent and displayed under ___FORM VALUES___ of the E-Mail.

To address the error to the corresponding department manager, the <settings> sheet needs to be set up like this:

The given form answers and the defined <settings> result in following two E-Mails:

Your ticket system

Instead of sending mails to individual E-Mail addresses, of course you can just send them to your already existing ticket system...

Meter reading

You want to change a water filter as soon as your water meter exceeds 50m³. You'd set up a form like the following:

With the help of pictures within the form, you can easily describe the task in detail.

You can also set a description of your question.

To ensure, that the inserted value is numeric, just insert a Response Validation. This will reduce the chance of typos.

Then go to your <settings> sheet, select the quesiont "Water meter value", go to section Threshold and fill it out accordingly:

Let's assume the past values are as seen on the left picture and the current meter value will be reported at the 04.01.2020 (see middle picture). As the Threshold of 6050 will be exceeded, the E-Mail at the right picture is gonna be sent.

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