Shift Row / Column Of Timestamp

The MaintainApp needs the Timestamp row at the response sheet at row 1.

If you move Timestamp row, the ___FORM VALUES___ at the sent E-Mails won't be shown anymore

Changing Header Cell At <settings> Sheet

You're not supposed to edit or shift any of the header cells of the <settings> sheet. This will stop this specific function! You'll see following message if you edit one or more of the header cells:

In case you change the cell [Reminder Escalation] to...

... [MyOwnHeader], the cell will become dark red and following Message will appear...

... [Reminder Escalation], not found...

In order to solve this, you can either change the column name back manually (see comment at the dark red coloured cell) or delete/rename your <settings> sheet and create a new one: Menu -> "Add-ons" -> "MaintainApp" -> "1) create|check form & sheet". This will generate a new an properly set-up <settings> sheet.

Rename <settings> Sheet

Changing the name of the <settings> sheet (or deleting the <settings> sheet entirely), leads to deleting all triggers . MaintainApp functionality won't work anymore for this Spreadsheet.

If you perform menu function 1), a new <settings> sheet will be created.

Duplicated Form Questions

A form which contains questions with the same title might run into trouble.

Besides the fact, that you can't distuingish them when selecting the form question.

Change the Answer Destination SpreadSheet

In case you change the answer destination sheet, every previously submitted answer will cause the MaintainApp and FormSync script to run and check the values against the current settings -> Email might be sent unintentionally!

Workaround: If you want to change the form destination sheet, make sure that the settings of your new spreadsheet does not match any unwanted criteria. Hint: Re-name the settings sheet, e.g. to "<MaintainApp>_temp" and remove the "_temp" after you changed the destination spreadsheet.

Changing the Owner of the Spreadsheet

When changing the owner of the spreadsheet and creating MaintainApp functionality, it is possible that you send every EMail twice. As soon as the daily trigger runs, this problem should be solved automatically.

Hint: you can also execute function 4) send reminder manually to force the script to check the trigger settings...