Form Sync

Synchronize Form Questions With Your Sheet. Fast, Easy, Automatically.

Wouldn't it be great to automatically sync your google form answer choices with your google sheet?

Do you want to safe time by creating questions with one click?*

--->>> Then Form Sync is your Google Sheet add-on to use!

How it works

___Upload Form Choices___

Select a question title at the <FormSync> tab and type in your choices.

Choose an updating strategy: Manual | Every Hour | On Form Submit is available and combinable.

This is especially powerful when choices are calculated using formulas such as QUERY, UNIQUE, VLOOKUP, IF...

___Download Form Choices___

Select the question title at the <FormSync> tab and download its choices to your sheet.

Adjust the choices and upload all together with on click.

___Create Questions___

Type in a new question title (+ optionally choices) at the <FormSync> tab and create checkbox questions at the linked form.

This way you can create an entire Form within seconds... just do the fine tuning at the best available app for adjusting google forms -> google forms itself.