Why MaintainApplication?

As an engineer repsonsible for maintenance in various companies, I realized the need to easily and instantly set-up (and change!) the basic process flows for maintenance, such as: reporting errors, address and define TPM- tasks, define a GEMBA walk and address tasks resulting out of it, and so on.

The MaintainApplication Add-ons are made to help you making your information process flows as easy and smooth as possible to bring you one step closer to operational excellence.

Have fun with our Add-ons!


...make sure your google forms are filled out periodically.
Automatically check the form answers against your reference.

Form Sync

...make your google forms dynamic by automatically uploading and updating form questions and choices

Sync Contacts

...administrate your Google Contacts like never before. Sync them with Sheets.

Daily backup your Contacts, automatically


...MAil eXtractor.
Extract, parse and automatically evaluate your Emails and Chats right from and to Google Sheets

GDrive Explorer

...see your foldes and files in one view
Get an overview of your GDrive data. Download selective GDrive folders and files to sheets.


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Disclosure for all Add-ons created by Maintain Application

MaintainApp's, Form Sync's, MAX's, Sync Contacts's, GDrive Explorer's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.